iTunes is a software produced by Apple. It is used for managing as well as playing music which is stored on the computer. It is also used for moving the music stored in the computer to the iPod. iTunes login is required if you prefer creating digital music at listen to it at home rather than carrying them around. This is because a computer can do everything that an iPod does which includes getting hooked to hi-fi.

Another major function of iTunes software is providing access to the iTunes music stores. This is an internet based service from where a person can buy music legally and download then. iTtunes login can also be used to play music from the CD or that which is downloaded from somewhere else. It may so happen that some might not be compatible to iTunes. The only way to access the iTunes music store is through iTunes log in. This cannot be purchased from the Apple website.

Let us now look at how to create a free account in the iTunes accounts login store.

Every person who owns an iPhone loads his phone with applications but seldom do people want to buy an application. They prefer free applications rather than buying it. The same applies for those who use iPad or an iPod. When seen specifically it can be said that iPhone is a complete entertainment piece and also used extensively for business purpose especially when they are loaded with various applications.

Irrespective of whether you own an iPhone, iPod or and iPad in order to load them with applications you will need an account with iTunes login store. In order to create this account you will need a credit card without which you will not be able to create the account. Here is how you can create an iTunes Store account:

In the iTunes store select on the free applications for iPhone. Click on the link that says download. You will be asked for login details. In case you are doing this for the first time then you need to create an account.

Click on the new account creation link. Accept the terms and conditions in the agreement and then enter the account details. As this is a free account that you are creating select the option ‘none’ in the billing information and then proceed.

With this your account with iTunes Store is created. But, the account has to be verified only then will you be able to use it. An email will be sent to the id with which you registered. Click on the verification link in the email and then you will be able to use your iTunes login.

This account can be used to download free iPhone, iPad and iPod touch applications as well as games. But, in case you are planning to go in for a paid account the, you would not require the free account. For creating the free account, in the billing information you need to enter the credit card details. All the paid applications like movies, music, games etc. can be downloaded and in case you are downloading something that is free then you will not be charged or else you will be charged to the credit card details which entered while creating the account.

iPhone applications are not just used for keeping up with the hip crowd but also making your life both personal and professional much easier.

Signing up for iTunes without a credit card? Here is how to do it:

The rules that govern iTunes login are the same irrespective of it being used in a computer or an iPhone or iPod touch. In order to purchase anything from the iStore one would definitely need a debit or a credit card. When you sign up for a free account at the iStore then only few applications can be downloaded. But, if going for the paid option one would get many applications.

After you sign up for the iTunes and also authorize the account by clicking on the link that you receive through email, you can login and download what ever you like. According to the terms and conditions of Apple when you sing in for a paid account with the iTunes, it allows you to authorize five different computers to play the music that was downloaded by you. It can also be computer, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch combined. You will also get the option to de-authorize a computer and authorize your newly purchased iPad. It is very important to also de-authorize a computer if you are no longer using it especially if you planning to sell of the system. Here is how you can de-authorize the system.

• Open iTunes of the computer or any other device you want to de-authorize

• Click on ‘store’

• Then click on de-authorize button.

• Here you have to enter your iTunes login and password details. Be sure that you de-authorize only that particular device. In case you de-authorized all by mistake then you also have the option to re-authorize what is needed.

How to login to iTunes account?

iTunes is not exactly a software for music but a software that is used to sync the Apple devices as well as download application on the devices. iTunes login can be purchased only if you have a registered Apple id. When you login to the Apple iTunes then you can also see the details of your account such as the account history, the previous billing information, the current bill, purchase details etc. The account can directly be accesses from the iTunes program window.

• After opening the iTunes in the web browser, click on the iTunes store which is at the side bar. The main window of iTunes is now launched.

itunes account

• Click on the ‘sign in button’ which is at the top of the screen at the right side corner.

• Enter the login and password details in their respective fields.

itunes login

• Click on the sign in button and you can now access your iTunes account.